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Leave coffee: 12 reasons not to take caffeine

Leaving coffee definitively can be one of the best decisions you make throughout the year.

Coffee is an extremely popular drink around the world. Originally from Africa, the coffee plant today is planted in different countries near the equator, but its consumption is widespread globally.

From Ethiopia, this drink was introduced into the Muslim world in the sixteenth century, and since then it has gradually become part of the daily breakfast of millions of people. However, many people are thinking about leaving coffee, and there are good reasons to not take caffeine.

Leave coffee: 12 reasons not to take caffeine

Nowadays everyone knows that caffeine is a drug. Obviously it is not a hard drug, but not illegal or as harmful as alcohol or snuff does not mean you do not have to be aware of what to consider.

Many people would find it impossible to face their workday without a cup of coffee. However, there are more and more people and scientific evidence that there are good reasons not to drink caffeine and leave coffee.

1. You are less nervous

It has happened to everyone: drinking too much coffee and feeling nervous. There are people who have more tolerance than others and can drink more than one cup of coffee per day. However, it is evident that a point arrives at which the body responds with negative effects on the nervous system before certain amounts of coffee.

2. It allows fighting stress

Stress is a response of the body to situations that put us on alert and, in fact, coffee is a substance that just makes you more alert. Sometimes a little activation can be beneficial to face a demanding situation, but being hyperactivated every day can have negative consequences for health.

3. Decrease anxiety

People who drink coffee daily tend to suffer more anxiety, and in fact, stress is closely linked to anxiety. Stress can be punctual, but when it is maintained over time the person suffers different symptoms, with anxiety being one of the most representative. In these cases, it is advisable to leave the coffee.

4. Improve blood pressure

Drinking a cup of coffee a day or more increases blood pressure. This is a problem that can affect especially those people who suffer from hypertension. It is therefore important to keep in mind that if coffee is left, blood pressure levels can be controlled more easily.

5. Avoid tachycardias

There are people who have suffered tachycardia for their addiction to coffee. This also happens with other drinks that contain caffeine, such as cola drinks or some energy drinks. When there are symptoms of tachycardia and this type of drink is being taken, it should not be taken lightly; you have to stop caffeine.

6. It allows you to fall asleep

There are many people who have difficulties at the time of falling asleep. It is usually much worse for them if they drink coffee during the day (and it is no longer necessary to talk about whether it is taken in the afternoon or at night). Anyway, it is true that there are people who take caffeine does not affect them and do not need to leave the coffee.

7. Improve the quality of sleep

The quality of sleep is something that many people do not notice when drinking coffee. Whether coffee prevents sleep or not, science has shown that in general the quality of sleep of people who drink coffee can be compromised and be more superficial.

8. Get welfare

There is no doubt that leaving coffee has potentially very beneficial effects, and that there are still points to be dealt with. However, the above points refer above all to the quality of life. Although leaving coffee may seem like a chimera, you have to know that the human body learns to live without it (and better).

9. Blood pH control

Leaving coffee has advantages for the body at the level of acidity. It has been scientifically proven that if the internal pH is rather acidic it is more likely to develop certain diseases. It is therefore advisable to avoid this type of food, coffee being one of them.

10. It is recommended for diabetes

Coffee contains chlorogenic acid, a substance that hinders the intestinal absorption of glucose. This means that people who drink coffee may have a worse absorption of glucose, being present more time in the blood. This is a situation that must be avoided, and leaves coffee is recommended in the case of diabetics.

11. Recover the intestinal balance

The intestine is sensitive to coffee. It has been shown that in many cases intestinal imbalances occur in people who consume coffee, with the intestinal flora being one of the most affected parts. There are also absorption problems associated with their consumption, so it is recommended to leave the coffee to people who have intestinal problems.

12. Avoid kidney stones

Drinking coffee may be more likely to suffer kidney stones. Kidney stones are formed from mineral salts present in the body, and coffee is a drink that precisely favors a formation. To prevent these salts from precipitating and forming these calculations, leaving coffee is a good form of prevention.