How to control hunger if you suffer from diabetes

It is very common that through the food we express our emotions. We usually seek relief, rewards, tensions, negative emotions and even eat food out of boredom.

As for diabetes, the situation becomes even more complicated than it already is. Because certain foods cannot be consumed and this plays an important role in the treatment of the disease. Remember that energy is obtained from food, when digested they become glucose.

In people who have Diabetes, hunger and satiety are affected. This is because the glucose cannot enter the cells, so the information to stop the consumption of food is not received. For this reason, one of the symptoms of Diabetes is constantly being hungry.

If to keep our body healthy we must adopt healthy lifestyles, with diabetes much more. For this reason, we must first ask ourselves the causes that move us to eat others. They are between them:

The anxiety

If on several occasions you want to eat and you do them compulsively. Maybe you look for food in a way out of that problem that overwhelms you unconsciously. This situation is generally known as anxiety. Other symptoms include palpitations, choking sensation, oppression.

When searching and finding the origin of anxiety. We can also control it. Therefore use the appropriate mechanisms and reduce this need to eat. Therefore, in order to control anxiety, it is necessary to identify body signals, emotions and what we think when we notice these sensations.

When anxiety is identified, we can do several things to combat it.

  • In a mental way: Stress is managed by identifying thoughts, so it is important that we look for what thoughts generate anxiety, these are automatic, negative, rigid, they are all or nothing thoughts, white or black, I am worthless, I will not control diabetes. etc.
  • In a physical way: Through the realization of pleasant activities, slow breathing and muscular relaxation.

Negative thoughts

Negative thoughts influence our emotions by generating frustration, sadness, despair and obviously anxiety. Just thinking «diabetes is impossible to control» can let the person not comply with their diet, medication, and exercise fully. Forming a vicious circle of stress.

On many occasions, we will not be able to control or change those situations that generate anxiety. But there is something we can do is review the perception or thinking we have of them. So you can change the negative thinking, for a less radical one. Like «On some occasions, it has happened to me but generally I always do it.»


There are several situations that affect the way we see life and emotions almost always influence how we see food. Which is managed to become a refuge at your fingertips? That is why we must learn to know and control our body, remember that it is a sacred temple that we must take care of.

By knowing our body we will know when the sensation of eating food is because of hunger or its root is anxiety, frustration or boredom.

Remember that if you cannot control a type of healthy eating that matches your needs with diabetes. You should seek professional help, which is not bad, nor should you feel less about it. In this life nobody is perfect and on several occasions, we will need the help of a doctor.

Note: One of the best ways to control hunger is by establishing a balanced diet as recommended by the doctor. You can also read and research foods and recipes. This accompanied by eating food 5 times a day and doing physical activity 30 minutes a day.

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