Foods you should never eat raw

Eating the right foods maintain a good quality of life and is a reflection of a healthy body.

Remember that the body manifests what we do of it, if fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and water are consumed. This will benefit every organ and any area insight, such as hair, nails, teeth, skin.

With regard to raw foods, many people do not consume them because of common sense, but the reality is that there are foods that for no reason should be eaten in their natural state since they can cause digestive and health problems in general.

For this reason, we present some foods that should not be supplied to the body while being raw.

1- Potatoes

There are various ways to cook and prepare this wonderful tuber, so you should not think about adding it in any preparation in a raw way. Because containing starch causes bloating, digestive problems, but when cooked it breaks down.

In addition, this food, when exposed to humid areas, tends to change its natural color to a green one, so a toxin called Solanine develops that can cause poisoning, stomach, and head pain.

2- Mushrooms

At present, several kinds of edible and healthy fungi have been discovered, but this food contains cell walls different from that of fruits and vegetables, which, when in contact with fire, can break down and raise their nutritional value.

These fungi can be harmful in sensitive people since consuming them naturally causes gastrointestinal discomfort by containing toxins.

3- Leche

It is best to consume it from the packaging or look for plant-based options, but if for different reasons it is decided to obtain directly from the cow, it is best to boil it several times. Since it is not pasteurized, that is, it is not subjected to a thermal process of approximately 80 degrees. It can have harmful bacteria for the body such as E Coli or salmonella.

By consuming this raw drink the possibility of contracting diseases is increased 150 times, more than any other liquid in its category.

4-Red beans

This food contains lecithin, which is a natural toxic substance that can cause nausea, vomiting, stomach upset. So it is preferable to leave in water from the previous night and cook for at least 30 minutes.

Although it contains great antioxidant properties, proteins, and fiber, it is advisable not to consume them raw, because of the damage it causes similar to poisoning, it is also not a good option since its taste is bitter.

5-Bitter Almonds

In this case, we do not talk about the sweet almond that we consume regularly and that when included in the diet provides great benefits. It refers to a type of almond that is bitter since it contains hydrocyanic acid, which is a small combination of hydrogen cyanide and water.

Although they are not so common in the market, their harmful components break down when cooked, because otherwise, it causes dizziness, vomiting, headache, and even seizures.


It is common in Latin America because it is easy to grow, it contains good sources of vitamins and minerals. It is also known as arrowroot, tapioca, kazzabe or mandioca.

Thanks to its consistency it is difficult to consume raw, it contains cyanogenic glycosides that release cyanide, although it is present in the leaves, it can reach the root. It should be left in water, washed and peeled very well, then let it cook.


For years, the consumption of this food has been debated by the number of parasites that it could transmit, since the animals fed on waste and garbage.

Although today, its commercialization is more controlled and in accordance with sanitary rules, care must be taken not to consume boiled or half-cooked meat. Since there is a risk of contracting parasites, such as trichinosis or had pork, not being 100% sure of the hygiene care that this food requires.


Although it is one of the healthiest and most nutritious meats, it should be consumed well washed and cooked. This is due to the fact that in the commercialization process it picks up enough bacteria, which can cause stomach problems, infections or transmit a virus.


The quality of a good egg depends on the care you have with the animal that produces it, in this case, the chicken. Since this absorbs everything that is being provided to the animal. Also from the moment he goes outside, he is exposed to the number of bacteria that, when not cooked, can reach the body.

Also, the time in which it remains on the shelves for sale can cause the product to lose freshness, causing abdominal pain diarrhea, vomiting, fever, and headache.


They contain a substance called oleuropein that gives it a bitter taste and can be harmful to some people. They should be sauteed, soaked in freshwater or prepare a brine for a few weeks.

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