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Avocado: 10 properties and benefits of this food


Consuming avocado means taking care of your health thanks to all the nutrients it has to offer.

Avocado is a very healthy and tasty food. Virtually everyone likes it, and it combines perfectly when preparing multiple recipes. However, the most important thing is that consuming it represents great news for the health of our body.

Many will be surprised to know that it is a fruit, and there is no doubt that it is a fruit with a great uniqueness. Be that as it may, this article presents all the properties and benefits of a food whose consumption is recommended to the whole family.

10 properties and benefits of avocado

The avocado is increasingly appreciated throughout the world, although it can not be grown at any latitude. This has caused that its price in the market has increased in recent years, and there are already those who speak of “green gold”.

In some cases there are situations that are problematic due to the production conditions, for which the consumer’s responsibility is to worry about the origin of the product. That said, the following are the main properties and benefits of avocado.

1. Provides healthy fats

Avocado is a food rich in healthy fats. These are monounsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, very present in a product as recommendable as olive oil. This type of fats make the avocado have very good properties and benefits for the functioning of the body and to fight different types of diseases.

2. It contains many vitamins

This fruit is very nutritious and rich in vitamins. It emphasizes its contribution in vitamins B5, B6, C, E and K, although it also contains small amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2 and B3. It is, therefore, a highly recommended food to ensure that there are no vitamin deficiencies. People who eat healthy foods do not need to buy vitamin supplements, because they are already given their diet.

3. It is a source of minerals

As with vitamins, avocados provide many minerals. It is a type of micronutrient that is essential for the body to carry out different vital functions. For example, minerals are very important for nerve propagation, bone health or enzymatic activity. However, its contribution in calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and zinc stands out.

4. Has antioxidant properties

Avocado has many antioxidant substances, such as zeaxanthin and lutein. These are molecules that fight against free radicals that cause oxidation in the cells of the body. Take foods rich in antioxidants, therefore, allows to combat the occurrence of diseases of all kinds. And by surprise of many, where there are more antioxidants is in the seed, which grated can be eaten.

5. Take care of the cardiovascular system

Heart disease causes many health problems, but avocado can help. Several studies have shown that avocados can significantly reduce blood cholesterol levels, as well as triglycerides. It is therefore a protective factor that helps fight atherosclerosis and different types of heart diseases.

6. It is a source of fiber

The avocado is a magnificent source of fiber. You have to consume foods rich in fiber to promote gastrointestinal function, and all fruits and vegetables are being an excellent option for this. Many people certainly had not considered that it was possible to consume the seed, but it is the part of the fruit with more concentrated fiber. You can grate and bake a little to consume it more comfortably.

7. Helps fight inflammation

Some phytochemicals of the avocado fight the inflammation of the tissues. This is especially relevant to avoid internal inflammation of the organs. In Western societies you can see that there are many people with bloated abdomen. This is due to stress, sedentary lifestyle, and the fact that food is not always adequate enough.

8. It has anti-tumor properties

Different phytochemicals of the avocado combat the appearance of cancer cells. This is mainly due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of these molecules, and that is to avoid different complications that can appear in the tissues in which a first cancer cell appears. Basically they make it harder for this type of abnormal cells to thrive.

9. Contribute to weight loss

The idea that fat is fattening is widespread but it is false. The fact that the avocado has many monounsaturated fats is excellent news for those who care about the figure. Several studies have confirmed that those who drink avocado lose more weight than those who do not, and sugar is what must be avoided.

10. It is versatile in the kitchen

There is no doubt that avocado can be used in many ways. In an ideal ingredient for salads, whether based on lettuce or tomato, and combines very well with mozzarella cheese and other foods. Also a toast can be easily spread with crushed avocado with a fork, and then you can put it on anchovies, salmon, etc. Not to mention recipes like guacamole.