4 cardiovascular exercises to lose belly fat

4 cardiovascular exercises for the abdomen which is one of the areas where the fat accumulates the most. The advantage is that, unlike other parts of the body, it is easier to remove and, consequently, the abdomen can be seen firmer in a short time. To achieve this goal, you need to follow a balanced, low-fat diet and an exercise routine. The most effective are cardiovascular because they help increase metabolism more than traditional exercises such as sit-ups.

1. Bicycle

With this exercise, you will get excellent results, whether you do this activity outdoors or on the machine. There are more effective options to burn abdominal fat such as spinning classes that are taught in gyms or in an aquatic version.

In this exercise, the entire belly area is worked because the area is fully mobilized to perform the pedaling exercise. There are also some kinds of time intervals that will keep you moving and increase your metabolic rate, which will help you burn fat throughout the day.

2. Rowing

This is one of the best for burning fat. It does not matter where you practice it, be it in the gym, in the rivers or lakes. Work the abdomen throughout the activity by demanding that you maintain a proper posture, also when performing the rowing movement.

In addition, rowing has the advantage, it allows, by its own movement, to burn fat throughout the body because practically all muscles are worked. In addition, the muscles are toned by the resistance that is exerted with water or with the rowing machine.

3. Up and downstairs

4 cardiovascular exercises

In this case like riding a bicycle, there are different options. The best and most effective way is to use the machines in the gym, as they allow you to adjust the resistance and work with more or less intensity.

You can also take the stairs when you go home, climb them about ten minutes a day. Another alternative is to work with a step like those used in gym classes, to get on and off repeatedly and rhythmically for 10 minutes.

4. Swimming

4 cardiovascular exercises

Swimming is one of the most complete exercises, it is also ideal for burning fat and toning, in the case of the belly, it is no exception. Also, keep in mind that not all swimming styles will allow you to tone the abdomen area.

In fact, whenever you can, and if there is no medical contraindication, arm strokes and back swimming are best due to the alternative movements that are performed with the arms and legs. In both cases, the abdomen should help to adopt the correct posture, in addition to working to maintain the correct position.

Another option is to swim butterfly-style because the whole body also moves. In the case of the abdomen, it is effective due to the undulating movement that must be done with the hip.

With these four cardiovascular exercises to burn abdominal fat, you will see results immediately. You need to seek help from a certified person to help you find the right activity depending on the physical condition you are in, in addition to reviewing what type of food you need to achieve your goal.

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