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10 natural remedies to relieve and cure cough

natural remedies to relieve and cure cough

Several remedies that can help us fight the cold and its symptoms.

Cough is one of the most annoying experiences associated with the disease in general or throat irritation in particular.

Not only does it go hand in hand with the fact of breathing with greater difficulty; Sometimes, it can even stoke the itching we feel in the affected area, and when they give us coughing attacks it even affects our ability to concentrate, interact with others or perform a task.

In this article, we will see a series of very useful natural remedies to relieve and cure a cough, with the necessary instructions to know how to use them. Of course, it is important to note that these remedies cannot replace medical intervention and that when you notice that throat irritation affects you, you should see a doctor (among other things, to rule out that it is a symptom of an important disease).

Natural remedies to relieve and cure cough

These are products that you can use in your day to day to fight cough when this is a problem.

Now, it should be added that coughing is not a bad thing in itself, and what it is about is to reduce the airway condition that this reaction produces in your body. After all, the cough is a consequence of the functioning of your autonomic nervous system, responsible for carrying out automatic and involuntary reactions of your body necessary to survive, and in this case sends a signal to several muscle groups to expel air through your nose and mouth at high speed, to try to eliminate an obstruction in those pathways.

So, when we talk about relieving a cough, what it is about is finding a balance between the good condition of the throat and the possibility of coughing occasionally to allow you to breathe better. These natural remedies usually act on the part of your airways that are inflamed, so it is not necessary to cough so much.

1. A couple of tablespoons of honey

Eat two tablespoons of honey so that this substance carries with it the mucus that you might be accumulating in the throat. The consistency of this product causes many elements attached to your body to the stomach area, to be attached to the honey and dragged.

This is one of the most useful natural cough remedies since it is based on a product that is very handy.

2. Drops of saline nose solution

Many times, coughing attacks are a consequence of the accumulation of nasal mucosa that falls down the throat. Therefore, it is convenient to intervene when the nose is covered by this substance.

Water mixtures with salt are very useful for this, which can be purchased at the pharmacy and are sold in the form of nasal drops. Lie on your back, pour a few drops into your nose, and wait for the mucus to liquefy to blow you. In addition, this saline solution will also fall down your throat and help dissolve mucus accumulations in that area.

3. Water

Something as simple as drinking water with the proper regularity helps relieve cough. This is because when there is water available in the body, it is easier to get rid of the mucosa, as it is diluted in substances that our body naturally secretes.

4. Ginger tea

Ginger has many properties that, although they do not make this product a medicine, they do one of the best natural remedies to relieve cough.

To prepare this tea, cut a dozen thin slices of ginger and pour them into a pot with four glasses of water. Let the mixture simmer for a quarter of an hour. Finally, strain the contents of the pot, and pour a couple of teaspoons of honey each time you drink a glass of this ginger tea.

5. Onion

The onion has antitussive properties that you can take advantage of when you notice that the cough makes you have a bad time. Simply cut half a dozen slices and breathe in by placing your face close (if possible, breathing through your nose).

6. Humidifiers

As we have seen, the water serves so that the excess mucus is diluted.

However, you can benefit from this effect beyond when you drink. If you make sure that the air is humid, using humidifiers, the air vapor will continue to do this work at all times. This is especially important if you start the air conditioner since these machines usually dry the air.

Of course, avoid this if you suffer from asthma since it probably costs you more to breathe.

7. Hot water baths

If you want to get all the benefits of humidifying the air, take a hot bath. Probably, when you leave, you will notice that the cold has eased in a matter of a few minutes.

8. Dark Chocolate

Eat a couple of tablets of high purity dark chocolate, 95 to 99% cocoa, to relieve cough. This natural product contains theobromine, a metabolite that inhibits this reaction of your nervous system.

9. Thyme tea

Another of the natural remedies in the form of tea that you can use is thyme tea. Simply add a couple of tablespoons of the crushed leaves to the water, make it boil for 20 minutes, strain it and add some honey.

10. Eucalyptus fumes

This is another simple solution to combat cough and throat discomfort: add several eucalyptus leaves to a bowl with very hot water, put a towel over your head, and vacuum the vapors leaving you moments to breathe normally between these exposures steamed.

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